Who will be like Salubi

Urhobo Historical Society

Who will be like Salubi?

By Ochuko Tonukari

Where is that butterfly?

Who is fastened to his flowers

Who took energy in giving the best nectar

Who showed her the best path to tread

Where is that single son

Whose wisdom and wit

Is more than a thousand proverbial tortoise

Salubi’s absence has been felt

Since he breath his last

His words were like balmy breeze,

His passage remained evergreen like trees of the rain forest

His love was like fluvial waters that flows from a flavoured fountain

His face, shining like the sun,

His strength like that of  a hundred horses,

His vision pierces all mountains of difficulties,

His feat, who can fathom?

Handling task that took many men to do!

His fervour, fuelled by force from within

Where was triumph without him?

Where was wisdom and wit without him?

Where was home without him?

Where was joy, peace and laughter without him?

He was everything, Salubi,

And every good thing comes from God

As he came to earth by a cradle of flesh

Kept warm by a saddle of love

Nurtured by a heart of care

Waiting in earnest for the crack of dawn

For he knew he had the real blood of Urhobo in him

For as he ventured through the darkest mountains,

He leant on the thought of Urhobo!

Who would be like Salubi?

Who would die like Salubi?

Who would fight like Salubi?

Who would think like Salubi?

Who would dare like Salubi?

Who would shepherd like Salubi?

As fear grips my  gentle heart

Failure stares me in the face

Loneliness surrounds my place,

And sadness chase me in the race,

Of this present case and craze,

I realized the loss of Salubi!

Who would be like Salubi?

As tomorrow nears and I lead Urhobonation to light

giving instruction of wisdom to all,

Though I have no background of value,

And no beauty of speech and gait,

I call on the name of Salubi!

Tell me, who is like Salubi?

His hope founded on love for us all,

By his love he bore our pains,

By his love he believed in us,

By his love he absorbed our tears,

By his love he gave his all for us!

Where is that beacon of hope And pillar of yesteryears!

Where is that hero who have laid down a fine legacy for us to follow?

What an excellent precedence by a president!

And yet, see what comes after!

Where are the willing hands?

Where are those who will not only look out for the gains?

Honestly, tell me what is greater than the love of Salubi,

It is only similar to the love of our Lord,

Who sits on the throne forever

Praise be to his name! Salubi!


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