Victor Manfredi’s Condelences for Omafume Onoge

Urhobo Historical Society

Victor Manfredi’s Condolences for Omafume Onoge

Dear Urhobo Historical Society,

I am writing to express the greatest sympathy at the passing of Prof. Omafume Onoge, one of the leading progressive voices in Nigerian letters and sciences. I had the opportunity to interact with this formidable scholar in the context of the Nigerian Anthropological & Sociological Association, and fondly recall his kindness in hosting our annual conference during the freezing Jos harmattan of early 1984.  I’m enclosing a copy of the poster from that congress, not just for the sake of nostalgia for a much more optimistic time in Nigerian history a quarter century ago, but also so as to echo from the rooftops Onoge’s slogan featured on that poster: IN SOLIDARITY!


Victor Manfredi
Research fellow
African Studies Center
Boston University


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