Urhobo is not just a Nation

Urhobo Historical Society

Urhobo is not just a Nation

By Ochuko Tonukari

Urhobo is not just a people.

Urhobo is the celestial music,
And inside that music  
Anybody from any corner of the globe  
Can find the real significance of life.

Urhobo, my Urhobo, where first my eyes awoke to heavenly light!

A wonder of delight, great land of might!

Urhobo, first giver to her people philosophy and sacred tradition,

Urhobo, knowledge thou gave to your children, God-love, works, art, religion’s opened door.

O even with all that grandeur dwarfed or turned to bitter loss and maim,

How shall we mourn who are thy children and can vaunt thy mighty name?

Before us still there floats the ideal of those splendid days of gold;

A new world in our vision wakes, with Love of Urhobo we shall rise to mould.

Urhobo, my Urhobo, who dare call thee a thing for pity’s grace today?

A name that radiates wisdom, worship, works, nurse of the spirit’s inward ray!

I felt the heat of Urhobo, the sun’s heat of raging fire.

I have touched the rain of Urhobo, the sweetest hum of thunderstorm.

I have seen the girls of Urhbo, with intelligence and a beauty unimaginable.

I have danced the music of Urhobo, around the fireplace with the beating drums.

I have sung the songs of Urhobo and heard children’s laughter echoing among the trees.

I have seen and heard the many great musicians of Urhobo, crooning in melodious ecstasy.

I have swum in the most treasured blue river of Urhobo, where mermaids hide beneath her shoreline.

I have beat the drums of Urhobo, a rhythm divine for the whole of Urhobo people  to hear.

I have seen the passion for Urhobo, in Urhobo Historical Society.

I long to go back home, where the drums rhythm so divine, and I will sing along, My home, my land, my treasure– my Urhobo.

Once my foot touches you Urhobo, you fills me with nostalgia! ! !

O Urhobo, my dear Urhobo, A place of big hearts, the cynosure of the world; land of mythologies and gods, the cradle of human existence.

O Urhobo, The land of childhood dreams, blessed with serene scenery sending gentle breezes to cool my warm body.

O Urhobo, my happy home. I am proud of its friendly and rich culture; a place loaded with natural resources.

O Urhobo, my paradise with evergreen forests and beautiful waterfalls
flowing endlessly and bringing peace.

O Urhobo, Land of proud warriors, heroes past, the likes of Mukoro Mowoe

And T .E .A Salubi, who fought so hard for our freedom.

O Urhobo, the home of world-class scholars, the ilks of Peter Ekeh, Bruce Onobrakpeya ….
O Urhobo, the soul of an ancient culture, the culture of a wonderful tribe, The tribe of a wonderful people.

O Urhobo,  It’s your sonorous voice I hear; your voice of the talking drums;
your beaded drums and the royal trumpeter; the metal gong of your town crier.

I have come to see your music dance. I have heard of your ageless minstrels. Have I not heard of your swinging hips! I have heard enough and have come to watch; wouldn’t you dance for me Urhobo?

O Urhobo,  would you not teach me  your ways, the golden aspect of your sweetened tongue  which is a veritable feature of your Culture.

O Urhobo, tell me more about your gods; your gods of the trees and of the mother earth; your gods of the hills and of the rivers abound : Aziza, Akpobrisi and other powerful gods.

Oh Urhobo, for a very long time, I have often wonder why did God use you to bless me amidst myriad of nations. But hurrah! The answer resonated after the protracted puzzle: you are not just a nation.

O Urhobo, it is now obvious that Oghene really loves me and since love is the core of His Commandment, He chooses to plant me in your nation; a place where love and love alone is the keynote of creation.

Oh Urhobo, the first time I took cognizance of your valued culture was a feast of fairyland; the night dreams of rapture.

Oh Urhobo, I never got tired of thinking of you; your beauty never got palled on me; you grew fairer with each day of possession and hitherto, you have stolen the depth of my being.

Oh Urhobo, you are more than just a nation. Wherever I go or wherever I may go, it is my earnest wish to exhibit how much I care for you. Then, only then, can I truly be fulfilled.


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