UPU Certificate of Incorporation



Certificate of Incorporation

Editorial Foreword

The document reproduced below was sent to Urhobo Historical Society from London by Mr. Simpson Obruche of Urhobo Progress Union, United Kingdom. It is an historical record of the incorporation of Urhobo Progress Union in 1946. Because of its degraded condition, the first attempts to scan it for our web site failed. However, by sheer determination and clever photocopying it was enhanced to readability by Ms Deborah Pierce-Tate, Secretary at the Department of African American Studies, State University of New York at Buffalo. It was carefully scanned by a work-study student at the University at Buffalo, Ms Silver Wilson, into its present condition. Urhobo Historical Society thanks Mr. Simpson Obruche for his generosity in sharing this document and Ms Pierce-Tate and Ms Wilson for helping to restore the document to its present condition.

Noteworthy in this document are the three original trustees of Urhobo Progress Union: Mukoro Mowoe, Charles Konsin Ezenwu, and Agbotanren Udih. Also noteworthy are the signatures of Sir Arthur Richards, Nigeria’s Colonial Governor in 1946, and of Chief Mukoro Mowoe who received the document on behalf of Urhobo Progress Union.

Peter Ekeh
February 14, 2000

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