The Urhobo Nation

Urhobo Historical Society

‘The Urhobo Nation’
By Ochuko Tonukari

From wherever we are in this world,
We will create one Urhobo nation,
Which has been our source of inspiration,
The nation that shall be ruled by likes of Mowoe,
And will wipe out everything Orukuruku,
Urhobo shall be the national language,
And will be taught in every school and college,
For the progress of our Urhobo nation,
We shall work with honesty and determination,
We will see that every Urhobo is properly fed,
And every Urhobo has a roof over his head,
One of our main priorities,
Shall be to make our nation the land of equal opportunities,
In all fields like Education, economy and politics,
The number one shall always be our land,
And in the end any Urhobo thin or fat, short or tall,
Shall never forget the rule that is the most important of all,
That on no grounds shall we ever get divided.


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