The Sun and the Song

Urhobo Historical Society

The Sun and the Song

By Ochuko Tonukari

She was an Omote  ve Eruvwu,

Ivie ghwokoghwoko Kugbe Ikebejilejile

Her face glowed like Isio
Her golden Ehwe greeted you
Even from Abusheri.

She was a song, a melody,
A tune so rare and fine.
She left you humming softly
as you caught your breath in time.

Her eyes were dancing devils,
impish with Avwere.
Her Eto was swept up and away –
Sun-catchers, glowing bright.

One night when we went dancing,
I saw the love-sparks fly.
I turned around and saw one Omoshare
entranced by what he spied.

Young and handsome, strong and swift,
His eyes lit up the room.
Lips weaving such a magic smile
As to urge the rose to bloom.

Light on his feet, light in his heart
His future looking bright.
All he wanted was in place,
Except for Love at his side.

He glided up and close to her,
His face shone with desire.
He swooped and swept her off her feet,
burning with Erharen.

Trembling in his warm embrace
Her heart went thudding madly.
Into his blazing Erho she gazed
Surrendering quite gladly.

The rumours floated thick and fast
The lovers weren’t bothered.
The whispers turned into Ukperi,
but the fire wasn’t smothered.

An enchanted web they wove,
With charming rainbow threads.
A picture so perfect they saw
each time they looked Obaro.

And so one happy Uruoke they wed,
Seven steps around the fire.
And vowed to Vwe Eguono Ohwohwo eternally,
from thence to Edughwu.

Alas! ’twas never meant to be!
Long rolled a painful year.
Tensions simmered just below,
And cracks did soon appear.

“The sun – he burns and scorches me”,
the maiden loudly cried.
“The melody is so out of tune”
the sun tersely replied.

Torn asunder, split right through,
Eguono buried in the slide.
Ink and paper sealed the deal,
The ties that bind, untied.

One night when we went dancing,
I saw the love-sparks fly.
I rejoiced to see the birth of love.
Now I weep to see it die.


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