Our Right Fight

Urhobo Historical Society

‘Our Right Fight’

By Ochuko Tonukari

Fighting to protect our heritage and culture is our task!
Why do we care so much you may ask,
For that you need to know the real story,
And learn about our nation’s glory,
The nation of Urhobo which is so vast,
Also has a very glorious past,
This nation which has a beautiful nature,
Also gave birth to Urhobo culture,
While the whole world was asleep,
Its people had gained knowledge so deep,
Today we can say with pride and courage,
That our nation is next to none,
Oghene has made it so right from creation,

Our nation has her fine university,
Where it taught subjects of diversity,
All those brave Urhobo men,
Who fought to defend her values every now and then,
Mowoe, Salubi, Ekeh,Obioma, Emakpor,Akpofure ….
Who always for Urhobo were willing to die,
So when we have such great nation and culture with us,
Protecting and preserving it is our greatest duty thus,
So whether you are from anywhere in the globe,
you can’t stop us from defending our nation,
And while doing so if u call us fanatics,
We understand its simply one of your tactics,
So together to preserve our heritage and culture we shall fight,
Because doing so is our very birthright.


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