Ose me

Urhobo Historical Society

Ộse Mẹ
(My Girlfriend)

By Ochuko Tonukari

I catch you as you quietly
try to slip away from me.
“Just stay awhile,” I beg of you
but you ignore my plea.
You leave me lying in my Ehwa,
sighing wistfully.

I yearn for you to linger on,
and kiss my tired eyes.
I know you’ve spent the night with me,
but with you, time just flies.
And now, just as the day begins,
I want you, I realize.

Just one more warm embrace, my love
A few moments with you.
Why must I let you go each morn?
Why must we part anew?
But go you must – so woefully,
I must bid you farewell.

I know you will come back to me,
And smooth my weary head.
Omote Me Ovwevwere, I love you so much,
’tis the mornings that I dread.
I only wish that I could sleep
just a little longer in bed!


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