My Favourite Things

Urhobo Historical Society

My Favourite Things!

By Ochuko Tonukari

The Warmth of my Sister’s daughter, when she is sleeping
Shy little rosebuds, when they’re peeping
A friendly Odju greeting me when I step out
All these things gladden me, without a doubt

Laughter of Imetete, when they are playing
Books filled with dragons that heroes are slaying
Movies that move me, and make me sigh
Splashing in puddles, and then getting dry

My mother’s Oghwo Evwri and Usi,

And her smiling Migwo greetings,
Listening to my beloved’s heart beating
As I lie quiet and warm in his arms,
These are the sweetest of life’s many charms.
When a harsh word,
is spoken or heard
When I’m filled with a feeling of Orushor
I think of the small things
that bring Aghogho
And life straightens out its course.


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