Inone Ede Orovwe

Urhobo Historical Society

Inonẹ Ẹdẹ Orộvwẹ

By Ochuko Tonukari

Today two hearts, two lives, will begin as one,
They will say their vows, and say Merovwere,
They will seal it with a kiss, and their life together has begun,
Forever bound, forever true,
Together through this journey of love,
They must learn to cherish, comfort, and trust each other,
Put their love, their friendship, in the hands of Oghene above
Work together, day by day, help one another,
They work to build a life, a home, a family,
Together forever is their destiny,
Together in loves journey….

Today is the day they vow a forever love.
A love they have been so blessed to share with each other.
Knowing this is a love that begins with trust.
Understanding that a love as this has no end,
When uvo refuses to shine in their day,
they will be each other’s Erharen.
If Osuo continues, refusing to Kaa,
they will be each other’s Ehara.
This love they promise each other is a sacred love.
A love allowed only once in a lifetime.
Being so blessed they have the other to share this love.
Knowing this love is shared equally as love has to be.
Should they ever become lost and confused?
They will guide each other back to their path of Aghogho,Omavwerovwe
When Aso become darker than ever known,
they  shall walk with each other to where Urhukpe is.
There is no vow taken which means as much.
And they take these vows free and openly.
For love would have no meaning without each of them.
This is their promise not only on the day of their Orovwe.
But for each day that follows.


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