Urhobo Historical Society


By Ochuko Tonukari

I sat alone and stared all night
At the pictures that he took.
Each one I saw would pierce my heart
With empty, desperate gloom.

Today I found my best friend died,
I couldn’t live the same,
I threw away my foolish things,
And I’ve acquainted pain.

This pain will die with my last breath.
Each time I’ll think of him,
And of the days of youth we’ve spent
Together, I can’t bring

then back, nor will I find again
My friend’s great company.
It’s over, his life’s finished here
And I am left to live.

How long? – I care not. I don’t know.
Today it dawned on me,
That once I die, I’ll walk the road,
My friend took before me.

Am I afraid? I wouldn’t say,
A hope is in my heart.
I’ll walk the road He took and hope
Our friendship will restart

When my time comes,
That day when I, will leave this weary world
To meet my friend at Odjuvwu
The place where I was told,

He’ll wait for me, we’ll meet again,
The grandest place of all.
He’ll take me to his neighborhood,
I’ll see those things he told

Await us. Those, who found the key
To Heaven’s vast domain.
That key, the one and only one,
Is Jesus’ Precious Name.


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