Gamaliel Onosode at 4th UHS Annual Conference in Photos

Urhobo Historical Society

A Photo Gallery of 4th UHS Annual Conference
Held in London, United Kingdom, October 31 – November 2, 2003

Compiled by Peter Ekeh. Photographs taken by Helen Ekeh, Perkins Foss, and Patrick Okene.

Deacon Gamaniel Onosode

A prominent businessman, Gamaliel Onosode was Special Guest of Honour of the Conference.

He addressed the Opening and Closing Sessions. He also chaired the Keynote Address. At the Closing Ceremony, he delivered a memorable speech, uplifting Urhobo culture.

Deacon Gamaliel Onosode in Urhobo attire at the Opening Ceremony.
He is surrounded by participants at the Conference

Gamaliel Onosode addresses the Opening Ceremony

Gamaliel Onosode introduces the Keynote Speaker Sam Erivwo

Gamaliel Onosode speaking on the theme of the Keynote Address

Gamaliel Onosode at a session of the Conference

In a patriotic fervour, Onosode rouses up the Closing Ceremony with praise of Urhobo virtues

Colleagues watch Onosode as he turned poetic in an address that was wholly delivered in Urhobo

Some passion in the expression of patriotism.

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