Felix Ibru at UHS Thanksgiving Day in Ovu

Urhobo Historical Society

A Photo Gallery of 8th UHS Annual Conference

Held at Effurun and Ovu, Urhoboland, Delta State, Nigeria, 27-29 November, 2009

Photo Gallery Compiled by Peter Ekeh.

Visit to Ovu by Olorogun Felix Ibru,
President-General of Urhobo Progress Union
on the Occasion of Thanksgiving Services of the Eighth Annual Conference of
Urhobo Historical Society

November 29, 2009

Since the emergence of Urhobo Progress Union in the 1930s as the the central cultural organization of the Urhobo people, the leadership of the Union has steadily been institutionalized in Urhobo affairs. As its top leader, the President-General of UPU is expected to promote and protect Urhobo’s core core cultural and political assets. The man who occupies that unique position at the time of our 8th Annual Conference in 2009, Olorogun Felix Ibru, has been a friend of  Urhobo Historical Society for many years. He attended our Annual Conference in London in 2002 and has attended all our Conferences held in Urhoboland since 2004.

We were delighted when Urhobo Progress Union and its leadership accepted our invitation to attend the events of our Conference. This was particularly important be cause we had chosen Ovu as the venue for our Thanksgiving Services on 29 November 2009 because of its large role in the founding of Urhobo Progress Union and in its subsequent growth. We were aware that this was a major venture for the parent UPU. The President-General elevated the significance of the events by indicating that he would want to honour the three Presidents who hailed from Ovu

The president-General was received into Ovu with a 21-gun salute and an out-pouring of affection for him and the UPU by the Ovu Community. The photographs that are assembled here indicate only a small fraction of his activities on a memorable day.

At the outskirts of Ovu, Olorogun Felix Ibru consults with Chief Young Obenobe, UPU Spokesman. Listening into their conversation is Mr. Benson Uwhe, Olorogun Felix Ibru’s administrative assistant.

Olorogun Felix Ibru and the first daughters of two of the past Presidents of Urhobo Progress Union whom he came to honour. To his right is Chief John Okpodu’s eldest daughter, Madam Clara Okpodu. On his left is Chief T. E. A.’s eldest child and first daughter, Chief(Mrs.) Benedicta Nwariaku.

Olorogun warmly greets friends. Shaking hands with the President-General is Engr. E. E. Bakpa. His wife, Mrs. Clementina Bakpa, stands to his left.

At the venue of the Thanksgiving ceremonies, Olorogun Ibru greets old friends. Here he chats with Monseigneur Anthony Erhueh and Reverend Professor Samuel Erivwo, co-celebrants of the ecumenical services of the day.

Olorogun Felix Ibru shakes hands with Dr.(Mrs.) Helen Ekeh. Chief Johnson Barovbe and Mrs. Margaret Barovbe are behind Olorogun Felix Ibru.

Olorogun Felix Ibru greets Chief T. Onoge, President of Uvwie Union..

Maj.-General David Ejoor (rtd.) (sitting) and Olorogun Felix Ibru in a chat.

Olorogun Felix Ibru and Chief E. K. Clark in a warm greeting and conversation.

Olorogun Felix Ibru greets three Urhobo kings. They are (from the left) His Majesty Orhueh I, Orodje r’ Okpe; His Majesty Okpara I, Ovie r’ Agbon; and His Majesty Ogoni-Oghoro I, Owhorode r’ Olomu.

Olorogun Felix Ibru (right) in a relaxed mood with his younger brother Mr. Goodie Ibru and his sister-nlaw Mrs. Emubo Ibru.

Olorogun Felix Ibru waves bye-bye to well-whishers as he departs from the venue of the Thanksgiving Ceremonies. Standing by him are Chief Johnson Barovbe, his Ovu host, and Mr. Benson Uwhe, Olorogun Ibru’s personal assistant.

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