A Catalogue of the Correspondence and Papers of the Niger Coast Protectorate CSO 3/1/1 -3/5/1 1894-1899 NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF NIGERIA ENUGU By U.O.A. ESSE 1988

Urhobo Historical Society

References at the Archives at Enugu, Nigeria, on Records of Early British Colonial Rule in Western Niger Delta Involving
Urhobos and Chief Nana Olomu on Ethiope River

60.1894 Dec. 13Sir Claude Mcdonald to Foreign Office. Forwarding proceedings on the trail and conviction of Chief Nana. CSO 3/1/1, p. 119
61.ENCL. 1 1894 Nov.30Copy of Proceedings of the Consolar Court for the Calabar District held at the British Consulate General for the trial of Chief Nana. CSO 3/1/3, pp. 120-140
62.ENCL. 2.Findings of the Court trying Chief Nana CSO 3/1/1, p. 141
63.ENCL. 3.Charges preferred against Chief Nana and others for declaring war against Her Majesty’s government in the Niger Coast Protectorate. CSO. 3/1/1, pp. 142-144
1721896 Feb. 23Sir Ralph Moore to Foreign Office. Forwarding a report of Major Crawford’s journey form Warri to Sapele. CSO 3/3/1, p. 27
75.ENCL. 14. 1894 June 25Sir Ralph Moore to Chief Nana. Requesting him to execute government orders regard-ing Sobo people and Chiefs coming to the riverside for trade CSO 3/1/1, pp. 159-160
ENCL. 5. 1894 July 10Mr. F. Locke to Chief Nana. Forwarding names of people claimed by the chief of Abrakar and Ebria. CSO 3/1/1, pp. 147-148
28.1894 Aug. 8Sir Ralph Moore to Foreign Office. Reporting an out-break of disorder in Benin and Warri Districts and the punishment of offenders. CSO. 3/1/1, pp. 39-43
1171895 Mar. 4Sir Claude Mcdonald to Foreign Office. Informing of the petition form Warri Chiefs. CSO 3/2/1, p. 69
1231895 Apr. 17Sir Claude Mcdonald to Foreign Office. Forwarding counterfoils and registration for Warri District. CSO 3/2/1, p. 76
2071896 June 11Sir Ralph Moore Foreign Office. Forwarding petitions against Chief Nana of Benin. CSO 3/3/1, p. 106
2081896 June 11Sir Ralph Moore to Foreign Office. Forwarding report form Mr. Crawford regarding the destruction of villages in the Warri District. CSO 3/3/3, p. 108
68.ENCL. 8. 1894 Dec. 1To Chief Nana warning him against stopping trade at the Sapele market. CSO 3/1/1, p. 153


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